The WordPress CMS provides an extremely intuitive admin, however there are a few idiosyncrasies to know about. In this tutorial we’ll share a few and post a few more later..

Adding images to posts(blogs) or pages..

Add an image to a post or page

To add an image position your cursor where you want to insert the image, then click the box-within-box image icon(shown at the tip of the arrow).

After you select a file from your computer or media library pay special attention to the three highlighted fields shown below..

adding an image tips

1st highlighted field: Add some Alternate(alt) text. Describe the image in words, but keep it short. No more than a sentence.

2nd highlighted field: Click “None” so the Link URL field is left blank. We don’t want our image to be a link, unless you do, then put the URL where you would like the image to link to. By default the image links to itself(the image URL) so we need to get rid of it by clicking none.

3rd highlighted field: Click “Insert into Post” – All set? Click this link to add your image to your post(blog) or page.



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