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A website is a 24-7 representation of your business. As such it should convey and support your mission, increase rapport with your customers, and support or facilitate new sales.

Targeted Services provides website design focused on creating such websites that feature great layouts and colors, modern design features, and a crystal clear usability experience (UX).

website design

Our Role

We focus on customer service and support because it’s important to our clients that their websites are working for them 24 hours a day to serve their own clients. We also do this because we know happy customers will share a great experience and much of our new work is referral based.

Targeted Services offers fantastic support, superb value, and real-world experience

We offer a superb value to our clients. We keep our prices below market value and can afford to do so thanks to low overhead on our own business.

We provide unmatched experience. We started out in customer web design after successes with our own websites proliferated offers to build websites for other business owners. We have the confidence, resources and skills to carry just about any website project forward.

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Getting Started

Planning Checklist

Building a new website will require a certain amount of preparation and planning. Before ordering our Website Launch Package or requesting a quote please review our planning checklist.

Required Pages
Professional Logo
Page content
Domain Name
Website Hosting
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Integration

Website Management

In the past small business websites were built using html and table based layouts. If you needed to edit the content of your website you would have to call your webmaster and ask him or her to update the site. The webmaster would goto his or her favorite html editor, make the required changes and upload the new files to your server. It was a lot of work to accomplish such trivial tasks before. Enter the CMS…

For most small business websites we recommend the WordPress content management system

Admin Screenshots

Wordpress Admin Screenshot

Wordpress Admin - Edit Page

A CMS makes it possible for anyone with basic computer skills to manage a website easily from any computer with an internet connection.

A content management system (CMS) makes it possible for anyone with basic computer skills to manage a website easily from any device with an internet connection and a web browser. A CMS includes software that organizes your website files and database and provides an administrative interface where it’s possible for you to do all but the most complex tasks which are still left to today’s webmasters.

For most small business websites we recommend the WordPress CMS. WordPress websites can grow in scale and scope along with any businesses needs. The administrative interface is robust and easy to learn. Once your website is complete you can add and edit page content, add new pages, blogs, or menu items, update color schemes and typography, and do much more.

There are thousands of free extensible WordPress plugins that unlock countless new features for your website. Plugins add enhanced features or tools that help you manage your website. There is a WordPress plugin for just about anything you can think of or need to do with your business website.

Selecting a Template

A template controls the look of your website and can extend greater functionality. A template gives your website a professional look for a fraction of the cost. A lot of the time consuming css and layout work required to create a professional looking design is already done while customization is relatively simple and a few hours of customization can make your site truly unique.

There are thousands of WordPress templates available, but we only recommend the very best. These are the templates that we will help you select from after purchasing our website launch package.

If your project requires custom design we can help with that too. A custom website evaluation will help give you an idea of the cost of a custom design project.

Frequently Asked Questions

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