Social Media Integration

Connect with Your Customers

A no-brainer for any serious small business is to connect with its customers in as many ways as possible. While your website may be your virtual storefront you can quickly and vastly extend your sphere of influence by taking advantage of Social Media Integration (SMI). We use social media not only for personal communication, but to inform our buying decisions and recommend great products to our friends.

Let’s say that you sell coins, you have a great website, you have done some SEO and you get 100 people per month looking at your site and hopefully buying a few coins too. That’s fantastic, but you’re missing out on a greater opportunities to grow your business and reach more coin buyers.

From SMI your website not only gets more visitors, but from fans of your social media pages, eg. Facebook, can be quickly informed of product updates, company information, and special offers. What’s more is that your shared information gets picked up in the news feed of individuals who have liked you page or product. Their friends also see who likes what. It’s like having your own direct to customer advertising channel.

A Google business page could be the key to your success in your local market, adding Youtube videos that are often displayed in the search results can boost your branding to new heights.

We enjoy doing SMI because we know what a great boost it can provide your business and we love making our clients happy. If you are interested in SMI for your business, consider our $449 SMI deal or contact us if you have more specific requirements.

What are the Cons of Social Media Integration?

Once your business is using social media it’s important to participate in conversations and keep things fresh. We would recommend signing into each service and participating at minimum once per month. For some people this could be fun, for others it might be a headache.

If you want to do SMI, but don’t see keeping up with it contact us to discus a social media management plan.