Search Engine Optimization

What is S.E.O.?

Search engine optimization (aka SEO) has been all the buzz for the last ten years. Everyone wants their site to rank number one because it’s rumored that that’s how the untold masses will find your website! We began engineering web directories in 2007 and focused and honed our SEO skills on those internal projects, making us uniquely and expertly qualified to help optimize any website for search. We have the experience that matters and that matters!

Some SEO concepts to grasp:

Keyword analysis helps us determine what keywords (related to your business) we should target. It will also give us an idea about how much traffic volume exists for a given keyword or key phrase.

Onsite SEO includes changes made to website content and code. Offsite SEO may include proactive backlinking with reputable partners and directories, and social media integration (SMI).

For some businesses Search Engine Marketing (SEM) may be a better option. For a local business onsite SEO is likely not as important as implementing a Google Business page that will appear on Google maps, see our SMI page.

Initial Onsite SEO means bringing your website into standard SEO compliance: ensuring the pages content matches the keywords, page titles, descriptions, and image alt tags.

Ongoing SEO means evaluating the effect of small changes on a page by page basis, providing reports on keyword positions and traffic volumes, managing SMI, and backlinks, micro changes to page content, and SEO consulting.

At this time we offer Initial Onsite SEO on a per page basis, either for homepages or internal pages, you can order this service below. Ongoing SEO is based upon your unique requirements and budget. Inquiries about this service should be sent to