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Invest in your business! If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it make a noise? If you manage the most incredible website but no one knows it exists does it help your business? Probably not!

A major part of web development is building websites with SEO best practices in mind and that’s a big part of the equation. Usually sites we build will be found and rank pretty well for search with little effort, especially if you manage a local business where geo targeted keywords are easier to rank well for.

Your search engine position (serp) is determined by a growing number of factors and it really does take expert knowledge to avoid pitfalls and make the moves and steps necessary to emerge as a leader in any competitive niche. There are no shortages of SEO providers who will promise you the coveted first page results for your target keywords, but be cautious with any such business because SEO is like walking a fine line where missteps will be costly.

Our approach is to be brutally honest about expectations upfront. What if you get to the first page of google for your favorite keyword? What would that really amount to in terms of traffic to your website. The results are sometimes not worth the effort. We also believe that the only way to approach SEO is the white hat approach. We don’t try to trick search engines or garner links from link farms that are here today and gone tomorrow. By approaching SEO in this way our results have staying power and we are not putting our sites at risk of future penalties.

SEO can be a slow process and it’s not for everyone. Search engine marketing may produce the immediate results you’re after and we recommend to use it if you need it. Contact us for a free seo consultation.

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